Why Work with Cornacopa?

All of the greats in history have had a coach, we believe that you should too.

Money also affects people in areas of their life that people don’t consider: their marriage, relationships with their children, parents, and friends, their mind, and most importantly, their health.

The single greatest cause of death in human beings is stress related disease.

The number one cause of stress is due to financial concerns.

Our job at Cornacopa is to address your financial concerns. We don’t believe that anyone has done an adequate job at addressing it because they have gone about it the wrong way. We understand the struggle, as we have come from humble beginnings. We recognize how the majority of the population thinks. Many consumers need assistance with the following areas: saving money, estate and retirement planning, risk management, credit building, and income taxes. We know that we can help you tackle these areas with Cornacopa’s Proven Process.

We will lead you through our proven process:

Identify and set clear goals

We will discuss the financial future that you would like to establish and what you are looking for from a financial planner.

Discover financial position and collect credible data

It’s important to collect your current financial data including your income, expenses, investment and retirement accounts, debts, and insurance policies.

Create plan and strategies to reach goals

Half of the battle entails creating a plan that lays out strategies to accomplish your goals. We will show you how the current accounts and policies you have shape your situation.

Implement financial strategies

Implementing strategies that ensures that you take the proper actions, which will therefore allow you to take control of your financial future.

Build ongoing relationship with your planner and finances

Reviewing your progress and adjusting your plan as necessary is how we ensure you will enjoy your new found peace of mind.

Start The Good Life

Cornacopa is devoted to putting your life’s needs, wants, and wishes first. Here’s how you can get started with your good life today: