Addressing your financial plans alone can be very detrimental to your financial goals. It is very common for people to feel like they can’t meet with a financial planner due to a variety of factors, such as high prices and time. The financial services industry hasn't done the best job at making the average person feel welcome when it comes to seeking advice. Here at Cornacopa, we open our doors to anyone that is serious about their financial well being. Whether you are just beginning your financial life or close to sailing off into the retirement sunset, you deserve to have the help you need to to make sure you’re still on course to reaching your financial dreams. We specialize in behavioral finance and have the comprehensive knowledge and options to help you navigate the financial waters. Some of the services that we can offer you are below.
Financial Planning

Before you operate you should always perform an xray. You can work with a professional coach who helps you determine your dreams, how to accomplish them, and everything else along the way.

Insurance & Annuities

It’s better to have an ark built before the rain, instead of trying to predict the weather. We offer the insurance tools to protect you, your family, and your assets. All financial plans should consider some degree of protection.

Life Enhancement

Having a good life doesn’t always mean you need more money. We can design an ideal life based on what you have now and we can make ongoing improvements as your financial picture changes.


There are many investments to choose from. We both work and teach you  so you are in control of your investments choices. We teach you how to outpace inflation, reduce taxation and eliminate procrastination.  

Cash Flow management

We help you find areas where you have been leaving money on the table. We are experts at restructuring your financial picture to give you more spendable income so you can do more with your life.

Real Estate Counseling

Whether you’re looking to purchase a personal residence, invest in property, or even have questions about your current or future mortgage, our experience and resources allow us to put you in the best situation.

Hardship Transition

Divorce, job loss, bankruptcy, the passing away of a loved one, etc. all can be traumatic events that derail the forward progress in your life. Don’t traverse these struggles alone without working with a coach.

Estate & Legacy Planning

You’ve spent your entire life building up your wealth, but you haven’t properly managed it?  Wouldn’t it make sense for you to make sure that your wants and wishes for your wealth are taken care of?

Credit Rebuilding

A credit score is a number that has so much control over the choices that you have in your financial life. There is no reason to allow your life to be held back by a low credit score when we have strategies to improve your score.