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Life Enhancement

Why wait for retirement to finally live your dreams when you can enjoy the good life today?

Life Enhancement is the area where Cornacopa does our best work because we have the most flexibility with our options. It is a non-tangible service that works from the inside out to improve your life starting with your mentality.

Cornacopa is a firm believer in mental toughness. The concepts and strategies that we suggest to our clients require an elevated level of consciousness to fully understand. It is not uncommon to struggle with the idea that the way you have carried yourself up until this point was not the most optimal approach. We were guilty of following a simple thought process too. We were presented with endless possibilities of how we could improve the lives of our clients after breaking through the veil that was clouding our mind.

We can show you how to have more money to spend while having a comparable lifestyle. Instead of preventing our clients from driving around in their dream car because of budgetary concerns, we help dodge depreciation. An alternative to buying the 2019 car, we’ll help you find a pre-owned elegant recent model year version that is almost identical. With this we accomplish a few goals at once. You’re confident, happy, and enjoying the car you’ve had your eye on. While on the same note, we just opened up your monthly budget by reducing your car payment. You could put the extra money away for retirement or take your family out to dinner each week.

Let’s take this another step forward. Going out to sushi with 4 people costs an average of $150 after enjoying your fill, drinks, taxes and an appropriate tip. What if you learned how to make sushi with your same party of 4 at home for $50? Those unforgettable memories with friends and family paired with the savings, instantly elevates your personal serenity. At Cornacopa, we pride ourselves knowing that We create peace of mind, because it’s hard to dream if you can’t sleep. We don’t force you to give up the key areas of your life that make you the happiest. We simply re-invent them. Memories don’t have to dig deep in your wallet; hosting a dinner party with your friends where you make a pizza together is much more exciting than waiting to be served at the dinner table.

This is just an essential part of the process that we naturally work in with every client we work with. We know the true value that this process creates from our years of experience working with clients from all walks of life.