We Create Peace of Mind, Because it's Hard to Dream if You Can't Sleep.

The average Financial Coach has their clients so worried about saving for retirement, that they feel unable to do the activities that they enjoy most. Cornacopa understands that there is a more efficient way of working with their clients. The average person’s retirement and financial planning is derailed by their current situations: buying the dream car, house, enjoying the finest restaurants, or going on that family vacation. We believe that you can accomplish both by looking at alternative ways to help you live your life today while planning for tomorrow. Our firm has worked with celebrities to the everyday person. This expansive experience provides the basis for our proven process that we employ with all of our clients. That, combined with our vision and mission is what separates Cornacopa from the rest of the industry.

Our Vision

To empower consumers in the relentless pursuit to eliminate poverty by bridging the gap of financial access and information.

Our Mission

To combine the aspects of affordable access to a planner with an unconventional line of thinking that results in accomplishing conventional goals.

Not Your Average Planner

There is an extreme need for almost every consumer to have access to a personal financial coach. Our goal is to help our clients take back control of their life. The current industry’s approach has created an uncomfortable environment. Over 70% of Americans say that they are afraid to meet with a financial coach according to a recent study. Cornacopa is here to put an end to the nightmares that have been keeping you up at night for far too long.

Our Team

Meet the team behind Cornacopa Financial.

Walter Coulter

Walter Coulter


Unlike most people in financial services, Walter Coulter was motivated to get into the industry because of a personal tragedy. His grandmother became ill without the proper planning in place. The fall out troubled his entire family. Getting his start at American Express, Walter has now been a Life Enhancement and Financial Coach for over 20 years. Over the career, he has worked with people from all areas of life: from celebrities such as Kanye West, multiple music and sports executives, NFL players, and actors, to the every day person.

Following his own misfortune, Walter took some time away from the industry. After witnessing the current state of people and their financial picture, he thought it would be a good time to re-engage. This time building his own firm, Cornacopa, with more control over how he can help people with their finances.

Walter believes that true financial coaching is to help people enjoy a good life now, while planning for tomorrow. He understands why most people don’t engage in financial planning; it’s boring and the benefits are too far in the future for them to grasp. He specializes in increasing cash flow by restructuring people’s financial picture- so they can do more while spending less money.

Walter has had his experience struggling and battling financial hardships. He has overcome these obstacles and is sharing his wisdom to empower the human race financially.

Myles Coulter

Myles Coulter


The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. Myles Coulter grew up during The Great Recession and experienced the effects first-hand that rippled through the worldwide economy. Inspired by the stories that emerged as a result of the downturn, he knew there was a way to help people avoid the financial devastation that so many went through.

Before diving head first into the industry, Myles received a Bachelors degree in Economics and Finance from the University of California. He was initially lured into the captivating Santa Barbara campus that was accompanied with an over-inflated living expenses. Tough as it was to leave the coastal waters, he made the financially smart decision to finish his education at home in Riverside.

The financial coaching process entails making difficult decision similar to this previous experience. Myles excels in “financial engineering” by dissecting financial pictures and determining where necessary changes can be made. This ensures that the bottom line is taken care of and then create room for ancillary additions.